hiiii. i'm dx. i'm a girl. i like girls.

dequis (deh-kiss) means dx (dee-ecks).

i'm a soft developer working on stuff to stabilize grid frequency, among other things.

still technically a maintainer of bitlbee and irssi, but burnt out on open source, so not really.

this web sight uses ikiwiki but isn't publicly editable, so please don't touch the edit buttons or Bad Things Will Happen™


  • twitter dekisu
  • fedi dx mastodon social
  • github dequis
  • curiouscat dekisu rip
  • mail dequis dequis org
  • irc dx at libera, oftc, maybe others.
    (not in freenode. rip freenode.)
  • xmpp dequis jabber org
    (no OMEMO. due to spam i might not see add requests)
  • keybase dx
    (ignore the "rip" that was here. i'll keep using this)
  • signal [redacted phone number]

project pages

  • emoji

    notes on unicode emoji support, potential issues mostly in the linux rendering stack, and how to fix it

  • whatsapp web

    general overview on whatsapp's web client

  • tweetdeck

    notes on tweetdeck's usage of the twitter api

  • hipchat

    notes on hipchat's XMPP protocol variant

  • msn

    msn/skype protocol documentation, moved to the github msndevs wiki, only here for reference

  • newtronic

    (spanish) modding a TV set top box, "Newtronic DV-5306"

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