Hungarian English

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”

Ernest Hemingway

Hi there! My name is dx. It's my real name. Seriously, trust me. This is my web sight. There's a bunch of in-jokes here, including myself, but you can safely browse the infinite amount of pages in here without understanding anything.

Uninteresting intro about myself follows. Please don't read it.

I'm a python developer, most of time using web based platforms. My hobbies include planning dreams I'll never accomplish, while venerating deities such as Fourier and attributing them the power to solve any problem. Mostly because I have a few personal projects that involve signal processing.

I don't usually hide my powerlevel, but it's not something interesting to talk about (implying any of this is)


Allowed stalking methods:

I also host an imageboard here. It's boring and you don't want to read it. And most of the non-admin posts lately were spambots. It's still there, but hidden.


2013-05-10. Some minor design changes to this page.